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Universal Infant Hearing Screening

We now have legislation on both the national and state level requiring universal infant hearing screenings. If your baby has been diagnosed with a hearing loss, you are in need of information about things you can do to alleviate the condition and help your baby grow up to be a part of the wonderful world of sound that surrounds us.

All parents have dreams for their children. They begin to dream of the future for the child before the baby is even born. So, the day the parents are told that their baby has a hearing loss, dreams come crashing to the ground. But, it doesn't have to end there.

We have Dreams Spoken Here!

Keep reading and discover how you can follow your dreams for your child who has a hearing loss. Even profoundly deaf babies can learn to listen and to speak and to

Once it has been confirmed that your baby has a hearing loss, a lot of learning has to happen in a very brief time. Most parents have had no experience with hearing loss. We hope to provide you with links to information that will put you well on your way to gaining control of this learning process.

One of the first links to follow is  Oral Deaf Education.

Scroll down the home page and order the parent resource kit,

Make a Joyful Noise!

While you are here, read the information on this site. Bookmark it for future reference. Follow up the many links it offers you.

Other Useful Links for Texas Residents

 Texas Department of Health, Division of Audiology Services

 Texas Education Agency, Division of Services for the Deaf

 Texas Interagency Council on Early Childhood Intervention

 Hear Me Foundation

Just for Fun!

These are links to the history of hearing aids. There have been people with hearing loss as long as there have been people. And we are a curious bunch. We want to know why and how! If there is a problem, we want to alleviate it as best we can. That is just the natural and humane reaction.

You will also find links on these sites that will take you to other useful and interesting information about hearing loss.



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