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This is DefBird's Links! page. DefBird has tried to confine her Links! to some essentials.
It is sorta like shopping at the Stop & Go Store.

DefBird's List of Essential Links!

The Whitehouse, USA
You can take a tour of the Whitehouse from this link and also connect to other useful sites.
The Unted States Senate

The United States House of Representatives

Social Security Administration
Lots of goodies here!
This site gives you access to just about anything that has anything to do with any level of government, from Washington, D.C. to local city governments.
ADA Document Site
Try here for information about the ADA.
Office of the Governor of Texas
Visit with the Governor and link to some other good places.
Texas Senate

Texas House of Representatives
State Capitol Site
Check on legislation and do other cool things.
Texas Education Agency, Services for the Deaf
See what TEA is doing for the students in TX who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Auditory-Verbal International
Learn about Auditory -Verbal therapy and how it can help your child with hearing loss learn to use residual hearing to listen and speak.
Healthy Hearing: Deafness.
Good information about deafness and other hearing loss issues. Go take a look.
Natural Communication, Inc.
An auditory verbal web site for parents. It is located in Ohio. I promise you, it is worth a visit.
Hear Me Foundation:
This is a Houston based foundation that provides camping experiences, among other things, for children who are deaf/HOH and use oral communication and for their siblings and parents. It is an education and support organization.
Sunshine Cottace School for Deaf Children A wonderful school in San Antonio, Texas, where dreams come true for deaf children and their parents. These children learn to listen and to speak for themselves.
Audiology Net
Audiology for the masses! This link has all sorts of easy to understand information about just about any aspect of audiology and hearing loss. Come on in!

Cued Speech Information
Want to know about Cued Speech? Look here!
Audex offers a full line of Assistive systems for commercial or personal use. I have used many Audex products and own several. They have the best Infra Red systems available in the USA. It will be well worth your time to visit their site if you need assistlve listening systems of any kind.
Hearing Health Magazine
The Voice on Hearing Issues! This is a neat little magazine. I have been a subscriber for over 20 years!
Keirsey Temperament
See if you are really like you think you are!

Please send me an e-mail to let me know if any of these links need updating or do not work correctly.

Tommie Wells

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