Welcome to DefBird's Nest! SHHH, AG Bell, hearing loss

Welcome to DefBird's Nest! 

My name is Tommie Wells. I am deaf and use a cochlear implant to hear. I am active in several organizations that advocate for better access for people who are deaf or hard of hearing and for oral education options for children with a hearing loss and for cochlear implants for adults and children who are deaf.

I live in Texas!  

Some Organizations of Interest to People with Hearing Loss

The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

         Alexander Graham Bell believed that every child with a hearing loss deserved the opportunity to learn to                speak. He devoted much of his life to helping children who have hearing loss develop their listening,                      speaking, and speechreading skills.Bell founded the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf in                1890. Visit the AGBell  web site.

The AGBell TX Chapter  also has a nice web site. Click HERE   to visit it.  

Hearing Loss Association of America  
HLAA is the world's largest consumer organization dedicated to the welfare of people who do not hear well.  It was founded  in 1979 by Howard E. " Rocky"  Stone. The name was originally Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH).
We are the nation's voice for people with hearing loss.
Click HERE to visit the web site and see what HLAA may be doing in your state.
           HLAA Region VII is comprised of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.
           Click HERE to see what is happening in Region VII.

            HLAA Texas State Office is an affiliate of HLAA. Click  HERE to see what the HLAA TX State Office is doing in Texas. You can find the chapter or group nearest you and get information about our next HLAA Region VII Conference.

Cochlear Implant Information

Cochlear Corp.
Click HERE to check out the Nucleus line of implants.
Advanced Bionics
Click HERE for information about Clarion implants.
Medical Electronics
Click HERE  to see the Med-El Combi-40 implants.

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If you are interested in Hearing Loss Issues and live in SHHH Region VII
(TX, LA, NM, AR, OK)
You should belong to the TX Hearing Loss List (TXHLL)

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