DefBird's Very Own Garden!

I live in North Central Texas. It is hot and dry. My yard is heavy black clay.
I have discovered the wonders of raised beds and composting! 
I am not a master gardener, but, I have a lot of fun out here
and get a bunch of much needed exercise.
The best way to get a home grown tomato is to grow it yourself!
I enjoy sitting in my swing and reading when the weather is pleasant.

I have two granddaughters who live near me and often help 
me in the garden. It is a family tradition to share the love of gardening
with the kids as they grow up. I hope to live to see them growing 
their own gardens and kids. 
Life is good!

Scenes from DefBird's Home Garden!

These are scenes from past years. I will publish more current pictures in the future. I don't seem to have a lot of luck with bulbs, but these iris were lovely. Of course, iris are not bulbs. If they were, they would not have grown for me. (smile)


My little Pug dog and Calico cat have gone to their rest. I miss them. I still have four cats. But, each pet, just as each child, is so very special. Without pets, a home, a garden, a life is missing a wonderful element!

Many of you who visit the nest know me. For those who don't, here is a nice photo of Tommie Wells, AKA DefBird!



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  I hope you have enjoyed your visit to DefBird's Garden and will return again. I will make changes from time to time. Happy gardening!

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